Upcoming Venues and Events


We have finally launched.  Thank you to the invitation of Monash University Centre for Theatre and Performance Studies and Academy for Performing Arts we have launched at the Transcultural. Transnational. Transformationa Theatre Conference and Festival organized by the Australasian Association for Theatre Drama and Performance Studies (ADSA) and hosted by Monash University in Melbourne, Australia from June 27 to July 1, 2011.

Also, thank you very much to everyone who came to the discussion panel during the conference - we deeply appreciate your invaluable theoretical, practical, and creative inputs! 


Please visit soon again for photos and updates of our launch.  We will also be updating our agenda soon so you can join us in the upcoming gigs. 

After the launch, from the second half of 2011 onwards, we are looking at taking the project into its second phase which involves developing site specific installations in Southeast Asia, through partnerships with cultural institutions in the region. 

Past Events

A panel discussion on the intercultural/transnational dimensions of the project was conducted at Psi17: Camillo 2.0, the annual conference of Performance Studies International, in Utrecht, the Netherlands on May 27.




The Memory Booth had its first trial runs at the Universiteit van Amsterdam at the Instituut Theaterwetenschap in May 23 and June 17.